We care about you & your guests’ health - a Workshop 38 message in light of COVID 19 - Workshop 38

We care about you & your guests’ health – a Workshop 38 message in light of COVID 19

A message from Fabrizio Bruno

Dear Workshop 38 supporters

It would be hard to have missed announcements from our Government and health officials with recommendations on how we should work together to keep COVID 19 from affecting more members of our community. 

I (Fabrizio Bruno, owner of Workshop 38) am writing to let you know Workshop 38’s approach to confirmed, tentative and upcoming bookings at our workspace. Our approach is based on our strong values for providing the highest level of service and commitment to quality for all our clients while also taking into consideration expert advice from:

Workshop 38’s COVID 19 approach:

  • As meetings, workshops, seminars or events at our workspace is at or less than 24 people, we will not be cancelling any current bookings or upcoming ones in the near future.

Before your booking:

During your booking:

  • Make sure you have all the names and contact details of your guests attending. This list will assist WA Health should there be a COVID 19 case from your booking. 
  • Share health tips with your guests – avoid shaking hands or hugging upon meeting, sneeze into elbows, cover coughs and sanitise afterwards. 
  • If it is possible, open the door to Workshop 38 for better ventilation.

After your booking:  

This is a challenging and unprecedented time, however, as our Premier and Stave Government indicated and I truly support, we should remain calm, take the best medical advice and act accordingly. 

By doing this, we will make sure we look after ourselves, our family, loved ones, guests and WA community.

Let’s work together to get through these times together. 

Thank you for your understanding and support. Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. 

Take care and stay well.