The Importance of Pop-up Stores for our Retail Sector - Workshop 38

The Importance of Pop-up Stores for our Retail Sector

Pop-up retailers: Terri and Dory of Mr Poppins+Co

You would have seen them around, shopped at one of them or even held one yourself!

Pop-up stores, also known as pop-up retail or flash retailing, is a trend of short term sales spaces that lasts from day/s to weeks before closing down, often to catch onto a fad or timely event.

Here at Workshop 38, we have had the opportunity to host a few pop-up stores for local fashion, accessories and homewares retailers. 

Some of our pop-up stores have used Workshop 38 due to its ideal location in the hub of Applecross, the flexibility of our space and the availability of equipment – sales counter, WiFi, storage space – that allows for a smooth retail operations! 

Pop-up shops first started in Los Angeles and we have noticed them “popping up” more and are pleased to be able to offer this customised option for our local businesses. 

So, how important are pop-ups for our retail sector? We talk to one of Workshop 38’s pop-up retailers – Terri and Dory of Mr Poppins+Co to find out more. 

Workshop 38: Thank you Terri and Dory for taking the time to chat to us today. Let’s start by finding out more about Mr Poppins+Co – what it is and why you both started it? 

Terri: Mr Poppins+Co is a premium lifestyle brand designing and manufacturing a collection of versatile bags, toiletry bags and microfibre beach towels. The idea for Mr Poppins+Co came about on New Years Eve 2016 when Dory and I were discussing the challenges we were each having trying to find a big bag for boating, swimming lessons and beach that could also work for other family outings. The best I’d come up with at the time was a blue Ikea bag but, believe it or not, even that one had short comings! We spent the evening brainstorming what would make the ultimate bag for all things leisure. We launched a year later with a range of stylish products created for people who care about quality, attention to detail and beautiful design.


Workshop 38: Mr Poppins+Co have used Workshop 38 as a pop up store before. What made you think “let’s do a pop up?” and what was the outcome of your pop up? 

Dory: We first launched in November at Perth Upmarket having never shown anyone our designs. Having only launched our ecommerce website that same week and with no digital footprint and fledgling brand awareness, we wanted to offer potential customers the opportunity to meet us and see the product to gain their trust. It didn’t take much for us to settle on Workshop 38 as we’re both local residents and the size and decor was the perfect compliment to our product. Our event was a great success, so much so that we have popped up more than once at the venue. Customer parking and the Applecross strip amenities really help make the area a destination we wanted to be part of.


Workshop 38: From your experience what should be on the checklist – such as equipment, amenities or location – when it comes to finding the right space for your pop up retailing? 

Terri: For us, we had a few things on the list:

Location – is your ideal target market likely to be there, shop there and be walking past

The venue is clean and well maintained

Customer parking

Other shops that draw your ideal customers like cafe’s, grocery stores, hair and beauty, boutiques and other service providers


Toilets and kitchenette facilities
Access to power

Nice to have is
Well maintained furniture

Easy access

AV equipment


Workshop 38: Lastly, from your experience, how important do you think pop up stores are for retailers, small businesses and what else would you like to see available to support pop up retailing in Perth?

Dory:As a small product based business it’s hard to get exposure and wholesaling to shops is not always viable for some business models. We value these pop up opportunities during the year because they help us build relationships and trust with potential and returning customers and also helps expose us to people who otherwise may not have found us online. Some people still appreciate buying from a real person and walking away with their purchase rather than waiting for the mail.

Short term space hire options, like the ones offered at Workshop 38 are very appealing for small business owners like us who don’t want to sign extended leases.


Thank you Terri and Dory of Mr Poppin + Co for your insight into the importance of flexible and adaptable retail workspace in Perth. 
Check out all the beautiful offerings of Mr Poppin + Co on their website.