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How to solve some remote working issues with a flexible, adaptable space.

Workshop 38 supports remote working

During these unprecedented times, we have seen a worldwide trend for remote working which typically involves working from home.

Now, for some, this trend is a dream come true – the thoughts of no more hours of commuting, being able to wear whatever you want at the comfort of your own home, being able to be extra productive with working and doing quick household chores – come to mind. 

But it’s not all good on the remote working front… 

Although, studies have shown that there is another not so good side to remote working, which might include:

  • Interruptions lead to lower productivity: It has been shown that working from home can sometimes lead to too many interruptions resulting in lower productivity. Tending to wash, answering door bells, quickly nipping down to the shops to grab something for dinner interrupts a human routine that can affect getting tasks done like normal.
  • Poorly set up home offices affect output: A recent study by Monash University indicates that people who were better set-up for home office ergonomics through office chairs, monitors – even just having a proper space to work – improve moods.
  • Being at home 24/7 or close to leads to mental health issues: humans are social beings and remote working has led to some form of isolation which can affect our mental health. Studies have also shown that remote working usually results in longer hours as you try to stay connected to mobile devices and become more available.
  • Less innovation happening! Innovation sparks up in conversations and when you’re collaborating with others. After all, two brains are better than one right? Studies have again shown that a fully remote working environment, even with digital connectivity, is not a fool proof substitute for breeding new ideas.

Creative workspace solutions for remote working

Here at Workshop 38 we’ve been talking to and hearing about some of the above remote working issues with our community members and local small businesses. 

As you would know, our workspace has been built on fostering innovation by offering customisable, flexible and adaptable space. 

So here some creative ways we have seen or can provide to help ease some of the issues associated with remote working or working from home:

  • Co-working space: if you’re missing being able to work with your favourite colleagues or team members, then our space can be booked in a meeting set up to facilitate working together for up to 12 people at a time (with appropriate social distancing).
  • Brainstorming session: if inspiration and new ideas are lacking and you’re finding it hard to be innovative, a seminar with colleagues or a space for your own for a change of scenery might help to unclog the creative flow.
  • Ready to go office work set up: our workspace is equipped with ergonomic chairs, tables, whiteboard, TV screen, kitchenette, WI-FI – all the things that you’d find in an office but in the comfort of a great location, easily accessible by driving or public transport.
  • Space to spread out: sometimes when you’re working and want to think or create something innovatively, you just need more space than what’s available at home. If you need a workshop space for yourself and/or with your colleagues we can help with that. 

Here to help!

We are here to help our local small businesses, innovators and community to succeed. So if our flexible and customisable space to hire can help with your personal and professional goals, we’re here to help.

Get in touch or inquire about a booking today.