Staying Balanced in the Face of Business Growth - Workshop 38

Staying Balanced in the Face of Business Growth

Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita of Intense Health

Running a business and then achieving business growth is tough work at whatever stage of development your business is at!

When you are just starting you are putting in more and more hours than what you’d normally do in a 9-5pm, Monday to Friday role. 

If you are in a state of growth, excitingly hiring staff or organising more events at spaces like our Workshop 38, there are pressures to perform and be available almost 24/7. 

What we sometimes give up during these crucial times are our health, nutrition levels, rest and overall a balanced life that keeps us performing at an optimal level over a longer period of time. 

But how do you practice balance in the face of such busy and hectic schedule? 

We’re very excited today to talk to husband and wife team Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita of Intense Health. 

At Intense Health, Marcelo and Andreia have combined innovative technologies, evidence based exercise and nutrition science, Intense Health delivers results that optimise human capabilities.

Let’s have a chat to both Marcelo and Andreia how we can everyday incorporate health and fitness to our daily, busy lives.

Workshop 38: Thank you Marcelo and Andreia for taking the time to chat to us. We are fans of what you do! Can you tell us briefly about Intense Health – what makes you different from all others and why you started your business? 

Marcelo: Sure, Intense Health was borned from the combining lifetime experiences of myself and my beautiful wife as Exercise physiologist & Dietitian practitioners. Over more than 2 decades now working on the fitness industry we could identify many pitfalls in conventional applications in both exercise and nutrition which when we looked at the evidence based science and evolutionary biology in the search of finding the most effective, efficient and SAFE protocol of training and matching this profund stimulus of exercise with a nutritional lifestyle based in human physiology, real food for optimum health and longevity we knew we had found our mission in this planet. Now Intense Health mission is SAVING LIVES with exercise & nutrition as smart weapons.


Workshop 38: Being busy and having little “me” time is one of the biggest challenges of having a business. What do you advice is the first step to finding some “me” time daily? 

Andreia: I believe is a matter of priorities… Even though our training system helps a lot in the realm being a time efficient approach, at Intense Health we educate our clients/ family that prioritising you health, energy levels & physicality will allow you to have as much of “me” time you want. A strong, lean, healthy human will be way more productive in any objectives of life, considering this fact one should never compromise his/hers health for business endeavours or use “business’’ as an excuse for being unhealthy. We are here to help, we cater and love working with successful minds.


Workshop 38: What are some of the small things that everyone can easily do or start now to maintain balance in their lives for optimal living? 

Marcelo: Eliminating highly processed edible products and focusing more in real food in terms of dietary changes and in terms of exercising for optimal living, definitely looking after your skeletal muscle system. At Intense Health we educate our clients of the importance of muscle mass for health & longevity “muscle is your metabolic currency’’ maintaining or slightly improving overtime is the key for signaling many health benefits so get stronger! 


Workshop 38: What can tired and stressed business owners expect when they work with you at Intense Health?

Andreia: A complete change in metabolic machinery, a comprehensive understanding of how to adjust, implement smart strategies with exercise and nutrition generating better energy levels, improving cognitive response and more importantly longevity profile because if business owners are working hard and making their dreams happen, without their health being in check they won’t be able to enjoy all the success. When it comes to your health don’t be soft, be INTENSE!


Thank you again Marcelo and Andreia for taking the time to give us some “balanced” advice for all of us to achieve optimal living. 
To find out more about Intense Health and get your free consultation and trial session, please visit their website.