Small Meeting Room for Hire Perth - Workshop 38

Workshop 38: A Great Meeting Room for Hire in Perth

Workshop 38 is the perfect place to host a great meeting. Our small meeting room for hire in Perth's southern suburbs of Applecross offers flexibility, professionalism and affordability.

Meetings are still one of the best ways for businesses to connect, engage, seal the deal on a project or sale and just create great rapport with their clients and customers and hence having a great meeting room for hire is an important ingredient.

Choosing the right facility is one of the vital parts of ensuring that your meeting is a success – whether it is an online or face to face meeting. 

In this blog post, we investigate the many and positive benefits of having a great meeting room for your business. 



A meeting room specifically used for meetings and complete with all the right equipment and furniture can help run your meetings smoother. This is usually due to the fact that there are no interruptions or trouble due to poor amenities.

At 30 square metres, Workshop 38’s small meeting room for hire offers a business and its clients or customers extreme privacy, conveniently set back from the vibrant main strip of Ardross Street in Applecross and a digital entry panel that you can lock and unlock to welcome your guests. 

In addition, our meeting room for hire is fully equipped with only the best quality furniture and equipment, including a ceiling-mounted projector and 55 inch TV screen – all included with our book-by-the-hour venue hire. 




They say first impressions last, right? We think this works the same way with a meeting room where you first invite your guests and customers to. 

As you can imagine, a professional, clean, bright and modern meeting room will give your customers the impression that your business is organised, generating confidence. 

Workshop 38’s meeting room for hire in Perth has been designed with a minimalistic approach. Clean lines, black and white neutral colours and furniture, are complemented by dimmable downlights to give customers a feeling of warmth and professionalism upon entering. 

Our Applecross workspace is also thoroughly cleaned and set-up before and after every meeting so that everyone who enters our space for hire can enjoy a fresh atmosphere. 

Of course, don’t forget about the availability of our digital window signage so that businesses can display their business logo or create their own warm welcome message before their customers enter. 



Getting people to meet and come together is not an easy feat, with busy schedules everywhere. 

So if you want your meeting to be focused, it is important to make sure that your meeting room has everything it needs to keep everyone in the one space – amenities, furniture, equipment and even.. Coffee!

Workshop 38’s meeting room for hire offers all of that and more! 

Kitchenette with sink, kettle & bar fridge, Nespresso machine with 3 complimentary pods and filtered water dispenser compliment, as mentioned before, state of the art equipment and modern furniture. 

And the cherry on top – dedicated parking spaces available right on the doorstep of our meeting room for hire, making sure everything is convenient for your customers and clients. 



Then we’d love to help! Workshop 38’s meeting room for hire currently holds up to 12 people (complying with stage 4 easing of restrictions in Perth) and is best placed for meetings for up to 16 people, workshops for up to 18 people and seminars for up to 24 people, outside of restrictions for a comfortable and professional setting. 

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