Riseley Square Barber Shop Delivers Empowering Workshops - Workshop 38

Riseley Square Barber Shop Delivers Empowering Workshops

We talk to Jake from Riseley Square Barber Shop about his 'Celebrating your Existence' workshop, soon at Workshop 38!

Have you been to Riseley Square Barber Shop?

With over 50 years of history, Riseley Square Barber Shop specialises in all aspects of barbering including fades, hair designs, scissor cuts, beards and face shaves.  Jake and his team open their doors to make people, young and old, feel confident through a fun and friendly barber shop experience. 

Riseley Square Barber Shop Team Members
Riseley Square Barbershop Team

If you haven’t been then we suggest you do for an experience that you won’t get at any other barber shop in Perth!

Recently, Riseley Square Barber Shop owner, Jake, ran his first event at Workshop 38 and is running another one on Thursday, 27 August 2020

These workshops have been made possible through Jake and the team’s commitment to support the local community. They’ve raised their own funds from the business to run a “Celebrate your Existence” workshop. 

At these workshops, Jake focuses on providing:

  • Meditation Practice
  • Breathing Practice
  • Healing and Visualisation
  • Bringing Inner Peace
  • Self Realisation Messages 

Doesn’t it sound empowering and exactly what’s needed at a time when we are challenged by a global pandemic and corresponding mental health issues? 

Celebrate your existence workshop
Celebrate Your Existence Workshop

We take time out ourselves to have a chat with Jake and Riseley Square Barber Shop to find out more about their business and their community service outreach. 


Workshop 38: Thanks Jake for taking the time to chat to us. Can you please let us know what makes Riseley Square Barber Shop a favourite and long standing institution for the last 50 years?

Jake: This Barbershop has been in existence for over 50 years we now look after a 5th generation of long term customers. It’s definitely our positive vibe, welcoming atmosphere, great team work and treating each and every customer – be it young or old – feel like home. Our extra attention to the little details, affordable prices list, friendly staff and a special mention to my highly qualified/professional barbers working in your lovely shop, makes us so unique. Quality and consistency takes it to another level as well … You will always leave the shop with a satisfying services and a bright smile too.


Workshop 38: Why is community such an important aspect of what you and the team at Riseley Square Barber Shop focus on? 

Jake: Community is pretty much everything to us. Over the years we have been fortunate to have a high number of loyal regulars who continue to support us by coming back and spreading the word out there. That’s why we have been working on giving something back to the community in terms of more peaceful and happy lifestyle techniques & sharing funds for charity and good deeds. In this way, every haircut we do, the community is a part of a good cause knowing that their money spend is being used as a community service as well.

Community at Riseley Square Barber Shop
Community at the heart of Riseley Square Barber Shop


Workshop 38: Tell us more about your upcoming workshop on Thursday, 27 August … What can attendees expect from it and what do you want people to get out of these empowering workshops? 

Jake: This event was created through interest from customers and my other networks. We see so many customers daily and they do share how happy and positive they feel about coming to see us. We always leave them with a blissful feeling after their haircut and good chat. That’s when I realised, people are too busy out there to just sit back, breathe a bit and enjoy a moment of silence. Which is hard with family and work commitments.

So, I created this workshop so we could deliver a “me time”, a “me moment”, so people can get some quality time for themselves. Making them feel important and celebrate their existence, that’s we are still alive and we can make the most of this powerful time in the workshop feeling vibrant, refresh, energised, feel inner peace and heal ourselves that we are important to be look after. That’s why sharing peace, happiness and love is becoming our motto especially during this pandemic. We need it … the world needs it.


Workshop 38: What role does finding a good space play in delivering a successful and engaging workshop for you? 

Jake: I guess that’s most important question. The space plays an important role so we can deliver the message and practice at a practical and convenient manner. That’s why we chose workshop38 as it’s the perfect space to share the experience as it’s clean, easy to find, very professionally presented, feels welcoming with a good vibe and satisfies exactly what is needed to run our workshop … On top of all that, Fab is Fabulous!! 🙂

Thank you for the care and effort put together to make this a success.

Thanks Jake for the chat. If you want to book a spot for Riseley Square Barber Shop’s “Celebrate Your Existence” workshop (limited to 12 only) on 27 August, please message them on Instagram or comment on their event post.

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