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Engaging workshops happen at our space

A team workshop for up to 18 people, away from the office or a space to brainstorm with a whiteboard, ceiling-mounted projector and 55″ TV screen to record all your ideas is something we at Workshop 38 do best.

A classroom setting with a big table at the centre or a U-shaped seating arrangement are just some of the favourite options for our workshop clients.

Intimate workshops that have happened at our place with awesome results include:

  • Heads of Departments of schools who need an inspirational, away from the classroom space to think creatively and develop professional and personal development activities;
  • Designers who are stuck for ideas while sitting in their regular office and need a refreshing space to work through concepts and designs;
  • Individuals and small businesses coming together for a training workshop;
  • Pharmaceutical companies introducing new products and QA sessions for pharmacists around Perth;
  • Small to medium business operators who specialise in running training sessions and workshops for a variety of clients;
  • Professional development days for professionals in the medical, education and health industries!
Workshop space to hire in Perth

To help make your workshop a success, we provide (included in your booking) a variety of high quality furniture including ergonomic chairs, whiteboard, storage space and Wi-Fi. We also offer a number of complimenting equipment – ceiling-mounted projector and 55″ TV screen – all included.

View a full list of what’s included in your booking and what else we can help with to make your workshop a success!

“We love working with Workshop 38. A perfect location that is easy to get to and with all of the facilities we need to run our workshops. Fab is easy to work with too and nothing seems too hard. Definitely will be back!”
Sam Michelides
WP Pro School

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Located at 38 Ardross Street
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