Perth Flexible Space for Hire - Workshop 38 Space for Rent

Flexible space for hire awaits at Workshop 38

We like to call Workshop 38 a flexible space for hire because of its ability to be transformed and customised so easily to meet the needs of our clients!

Flexible space for hire has been defined by many real estate and services firms as spaces that businesses can use while avoiding a long term contract they may not be ready for. 

We at Workshop 38 agree with that definition and love being able to practice the flexible space concept by providing a casual space for hire for Perth businesses, organisations, creatives, consultants and entrepreneurs. 

But in addition to this formal definition, we like to call Workshop 38 a flexible space for hire because of its ability to be transformed and customised so easily to meet the needs of our clients!

One minute, Workshop 38 is a professional meeting room with a modern office look and feel and the next, it changes to a design workshop area that’s more casual with room to spread plans, equipment and materials. 

We love the flexibility and adaptability of our workspace, which allows our customers to really feel like they’re in their own special area. 

Let’s take a cool at some of the many ways that our workspace can be set up for!

Meditation, breathing, empowering workshop 

When you think about empowering workshops that involve meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness – you would associate a yoga setting with mats, dim lighting and tranquil music right?

What about if we told you that’s exactly what Jake from Riseley Square Barber Shop used our workspace for?

Jake has been delivering his passion for supporting the community by conducting “Celebrate Your Existence” workshops. Here, we’ve set up Jake’s “zen” workshop in a seminar setting and dimmed lighting to allow for a warm glow. 

Recording studio and temporary office 

Our Workshop 38 Ambassador and business coach, Vanessa Moore, is a regular, and we often see her customising our space as a recording studio and temporary office space. 

Vanessa moves tables and chairs around, takes out the lectern, turns on the 55” TV screen and brings in her own lighting so that she can record her business videos in a professional and quiet office setting. 

Get Coached by Vanessa flexible space use

A meeting space for newlyweds

We’ve blogged about how Perth wedding photographer, Erica Serena, uses our space as a warm and happy meeting room for newlyweds to preview photos and videos of their special day. 

Erica places beautiful imagery on our digital welcome screen to create a glowing first impression and inside, utilises our bench and tables for holding photo frames while the ceiling-mounted projector plays a slideshow of gorgeous images. 

Flexible space for hire Erica Serena Photography

Creative space and outlet 

We have also talked to and about the amazing Trish, from Rags to Rugs, who host workshops at our space to teach and support creatives to make their own sustainable rugs, using leftover rags and fabric materials. 

We’ve helped Trish set up for a more casual workshop in a “meeting” style but with lots of spread-out room to allow for materials and equipment to be shared, cut and twisted together.

Creative workshop at Workshop 38 with Rags to Rugs

Business support workshops 

The Wise Matildas are a community of business women with a combination of life and career experience, who believe that experience should be shared together. And so they come to Workshop 38 to share business ideas, learnings, inspiration and knowledge. 

We’ve set up our space into a meeting room style that fits 12 people, with enough area for everyone to comfortably place their laptops and charge them easily, and provided our ceiling-mounted projector for a more visual sharing. 

Wise Matildas Flexible Space for Hire at Workshop 38

Need a flexible space for your business?

We’d love to help and show you how our 30sqm of space can be easily customised to meet your business and personal work or community requirements. 

Get in touch with Fabrizio today for a tour, a coffee and an awesome chat.