Magic awaits on the doorstep of Workshop 38 - Workshop 38

Magic awaits on the doorstep of Workshop 38

Catering to satisfy all your cravings at Workshop 38

If you have been to our Workshop 38 space, you will know that everything is waiting on our doorstep.

Whether you need access to catering, coffee fixes, extra stationery supplies, a “I was so busy I forgot to buy” gift for your seminar presenter or last minute Panadol, to make your event a success at our place, it is all there, waiting, within walking distance.

Applecross Village – the endearing term our local community use for where we are situated – is one of the amazing features of our Workshop 38.

Our location gives you everything that you seek from a CBD office without the hassle of paid parking, traffic stopping you to get in and out of stores or cafes and distance from one place to another!

A quick look into Applecross Village

We are slightly biased but we do think Applecross Village is the best location in Perth.

Applecross Village is easily accessible with 15 minutes train ride and walk from the Perth CBD or a 30 minutes bus ride from Fremantle, we are located five minutes from the stunning Swan River!

Our strip of shops, cafes, restaurants, Workshop 38 and all the things you might need is situated on Ardross Street, beautifully lined with Jacaranda trees. In November annually, the Applecross Rotary Club hold one of the most beautiful and well attended Rotary Jacaranda Festival.

Good food to fuel your meetings, workshops and seminars

One of the most important elements we think about when we hold meetings, workshops and seminars are “coffee” and “refreshments” … aka food!

Have you ever gone to events and heard people’s feedback such as “that’s a great event to go to, and the food is amazing,” or “it’s a great event but bring your own lunch!”

Well at Workshop 38 we want you to experience the latter rather than the former i.e. we want you and your guests/clients/customers to remember your event at Workshop 38 as a great one all around.

Here are some of our recommendations for good coffee and food to get before your event and during your breaks! The BEST thing about all these places?

They’re all literally a few steps away from Workshop 38, so you never have to be in a rush to start or recommence your event. And if you ask, ever so nicely, they may even deliver to the door!

  • Cheeky Boy Espresso – breakfast, lunch, coffees are all guaranteed a big tick from here. Keep an eye out for their Cannoli Gelato!
  • Cioccolato Espresso – we can vouch for their amazing breakfast muffins here.
  • Little Green Cafe – you can’t get past their display fridge which can satisfy all savoury and sweet tooth around.
  • Nik & Kolo – looking for something a little less casual but still approachable? Check out this award winning restaurant for lunch or coffee breaks.
  • Gucce – want to impress your visiting clients?? Head over to Gucce for some fine dining Italian cuisine!

The magic continues at and near Workshop 38

If your event participants need to do stretching during breaks and after lunch, then we can recommend the following spots, again all of them in the doorsteps of Workshop 38:

  • Have a browse at The Well Bookshop, which always has those quirky one off books you can never find in bigger book stores.
  • The vintage clothes shop always has stunning dresses in the window, or there are a couple of designer boutiques. Once you’ve found the perfect dress you can trot on down to Leather & Laces for a fabulous pair of (Italian) heels.
  • Pick up last minute groceries so that you and your guests can head straight home after the event at the wonderful Good Grocer – with an amazing deli, fresh fruit and vegetables and gourmet sections!

The magic continues at and near Workshop 38

Interested to find out where Workshop 38 is located and all of its nearby amenities?

We recommend visiting and checking out our location and also our workshop space before you book. Especially if this is your first time at Workshop 38.

Once you’ve had a visit and fallen in love with our Applecross Village for your next workshop, seminar or event, we welcome your booking or further questions.