Getting picture perfect with Erica Serena Photographer - Workshop 38

Getting picture perfect with Erica Serena Photographer

We chat to Erica Serena Photographer to ask her some questions about her art and importantly, how to create the right space to work and entertain guests/clients in.

Erica Serena is a storyteller who captures the essence of people’s important and beautiful life moments through photography. 

If you follow Workshop 38 on Instagram and/or Facebook, you would have seen some of Erica Serena’s newlyweds and families popping into our workspace to choose their photos to create wedding albums and wall art for their homes. 

Flexible space for hire Erica Serena Photography
Erica Serena Photographer set up at Workshop 38

Or, you might have captured a glimpse of Christmas portrait sessions where Erica Serena turned our space into a festive wonderland. 

Having had a love for photography since year 9, Erica Serena certainly knows how to get that picture perfect moment for all occasions and it seems … for turning our workspace into a truly customisable space that perfectly suits the moments!

We chat to Erica Serena to ask her some questions about her art and importantly, how to create the right space to work and entertain guests/clients in.

Workshop 38: Erica, for those who are new to your photography services and work, can you please briefly share a little bit about yourself and your local business?

Erica Serena: I started my business straight out of studying photography at TAFE WA. My career began in 2000 with a focus on weddings. In recent years, I followed the natural progression of my wedding couples to also document them as their family grows. My business now is lucky enough to not only shoot weddings, but also other life events such as maternity, newborn, family portraits, generational family portraits, and also events like birthdays, engagements, christenings etc. Basically, I photograph love of all kinds and life milestones!

Most recently I’ve also started expanding into the world of personal branding for Perth small business owners. Erica the person ~ has been married almost 2 years. No skin kids for us, just 4 of the furry kinds. Two dogs and 2 cats.   

Workshop 38: For most of us amateur photographers who love taking photos casually or on our smartphones, what are your top three tips for being on the way to getting something picture perfect?

Erica Serena: 

  1. For the most picturesque photos at a stunning location, sunrise and sunset will give you the best light of the day.
  2. For taking selfies, or photos of people, always shoot with the light falling onto the person, not from behind.
  3. Try out the portrait feature on your iPhone too for a different effect! Especially on people/pets or pretty things like flowers. Get to know the features of your phone camera, as most are pretty good these days for everyday photography. They can do quite a lot!

Workshop 38: How important is the right space to conduct your photography sessions and meeting your clients so that they can choose their photos and products? 

Erica Serena: It’s very important to have a good representation of your brand  when meeting clients. And a public space like a cafe simply won’t work for my meetings. Having had my own personal office in the past, with wall art on walls, comfy lounge furniture and samples on display all the time, I must admit I was sceptical as to whether using a more corporate environment would affect my client experience or sales. But after having used Workshop 38 for over a year now, I’m happy to say, my clients are equally as happy as they were when I had my own office!

Workshop 38: What made you choose Workshop 38 for your portrait sessions and newly weds meetings?

Erica Serena: There are so many pros! No stairs for starters! I have A LOT of stuff to carry in and out for each meeting. Not having to worry about picking up and dropping off keys like I have at other shared spaces was a huge one. It has great parking, great amenities, it’s in a beautiful location. My clients love seeing themselves on the welcome screen! And while it’s more corporate than I normally go for, my clients are happy in the space, which is the main thing. Workshop 38 is very welcoming and inviting.

Workshop 38: You’ve turned our workspace into works of art itself for your various projects and business needs. What are some of your top tips for customising a space for hire, like ours, to meet your needs and that of your clients? 

Erica Serena: Workshop 38 is such a blank canvas, but it definitely feels more personalised once you bring in your own little touches. The bench is perfect for displaying all sorts of things, from brochures, to samples, frames, awards etc. I use it for every single meeting to display my samples, along with the tables too. I also bring along my own glasses and plates etc, as it gives it a more personal touch. There’s plenty of space for pull up banners too. I personally use a diffuser during our meetings, because I believe scent really sets the scene too, and can make clients feel a certain way, which in my business, is hugely important. 

Thank you Erica Serena for sharing so much – photography tips, space decor tips and of course your own business and personal story.

If you or someone you know needs new corporate, business promotions, events or wedding stories captured via beautiful photography, check out Erica Serena’s beautiful and picture perfect work and get in touch for more information or to book!