A Space to Hire | The Fine Print

Let’s make sure we’re the right fit for each other … With the following information you’ll know what happens if life or business go off course when you are hiring Workshop 38.

First of all, we don’t want a one-sided relationship, so this is our commitment to you:

  • Workshop 38 is your local meeting place, which is why we strive to have a good vibe, while also providing a clean space that is configured as you requested.
  • Help is just a phone call away if you experience any accidents or problems. We work really hard to avoid these happening in the first place, but stuff happens.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • If, for some extreme reason, we have to cancel your booking, we will notify you at the earliest possible time. You’ll receive a 100% refund or a credit towards re-booking the space.
  • We have public liability insurance. This insurance does not replace any necessary and required insurance that you or your business require to host and conduct your event.

In return, this is what we expect from you when plans and good intentions get derailed:

  • Payment – Full payment is required by the due date on your invoice to ensure your booking is locked in … Failure to do so may result in delays in accessing the space or your booking date being taken by another client. On successful receipt you’ll then received your Access Code and Instructions via email and text 24-hours prior to your booking.
  • Purpose of Hire – In the event that we find the purpose or structure of your booking is not in keeping with the ethos of Workshop 38, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. If you are planning on using any equipment or appliances for cooking or heating, that emit a flame, smoke or heat, you need to let us know in advance and we will assess if and how we can facilitate this … a cleaning bond starting from $90.00 may apply for this.
  • BYO – From time to time we will be more than happy to make inclusions, but for the major part the onus is on you to accommodate for the needs of your booking. Therefore, we ask that you bring with you your own computer cables, power ext. cables, computer adapters, milk, teas. coffee pods and anything else to compliment your event.
  • Insurance – Do you have it? Does it cover all the amazing activities you will be enjoying or conducting in Workshop 38? You need to make sure you and your guests are covered for what you will be doing.
  • Cancelling – Please note that there are no refunds once payments are made. If unforeseen circumstances were to arise requiring you to cancel your booking, we are more than happy to look for alternative dates for you or hold the funds in credit.
  • Running Late – You wouldn’t appreciate it if your access to the space was delayed because the person before your booking was running late. We ask everyone to remember the timeframe they booked for, so you don’t hold up the incoming booking.
  • Smoking – It’s not permitted or sanctioned at any time in Workshop 38 and its surrounds.
  • Alcohol – We are an unlicensed venue with strict leasing restrictions to the provision and consumption of alcohol. It’s not permitted or sanctioned at any time in Workshop 38 and its surrounds.
  • Damage – We ask that you let us know by the end of your booking so we can replace or make any necessary repairs. This way you and other users can continue to have a great experience. If, however, it appears that your meeting or gathering became rowdy or disorderly, you may have to pay for cleaning, repairs or replacements … Any expenses will be discussed with you.
  • Security – You’re responsible for your own property, including breakage or loss. All efforts will be made on our part to reunite you with any items you may have accidentally left behind.
  • Hire Rates – To ensure we can keep delivering to you the awesome space with its generous services and inclusions, our rates are subject to change without notice.

What the fine print boils down to is this … Our ethos:

We will always respect you and treat you with courtesy. Likewise, we expect you to treat Workshop 38 the same way.