Workshop 38 | Our Story

Workshop 38 – our story

Keeping it local & for the community

The idea for Workshop 38 was developed by Fabrizio Bruno, a local resident who has lived in Applecross for over 40 years, as a passion project for the local community.

Fabrizio was a former student at St. Benedict’s School and then Aquinas College while growing up, before running his own successful businesses and raising his own family locally.

Fabrizio recognised the need for local businesses to hire a casual meeting space, and opened the workspace in February of 2018. Soon, more people outside of the Applecross area heard about the versatile, well equipped, boutique Workshop 38 and the rest was history.

The professional setting of Workshop 38 provided everything a Perth CBD workspace offered. The added benefits included free parking, access to award winning cafes and a river oasis retreat all within walking distance. All of these features plus the service of Fabrizio personally overseeing every detail of all bookings delivered, appealed to many businesses.

The difficult decision to close Workshop 38 by end of July 2021 was due to Fabrizio’s other family and business matters requiring more of his attention. Being a person of high calibre and diligence, Fabrizio wanted to make sure that his attention was not too divided or impacting the “beyond the extra mile” service that Workshop 38 has been known for. 

Fabrizio proudly leaves the legacy of Workshop 38 in good standing. He will always be appreciative of the love and support shown over the years and will continue, personally, to be a great supporter of local businesses.

Space is an important yet heavy investment for many individual operators and small businesses, so with Workshop 38, I saw an opportunity to assist my local community members to grow and develop their own ventures, without having to invest heavily in permanent spaces.

By also opening this space to the wider Perth community, Workshop 38 is also playing its part to bring more business, vibrancy and promotions to all of our fellow Applecross Village business owners and operators.

Workshop 38 started off as a community based project for the local community, and my aim is to “keep it local”.

Fabrizio Bruno

Workshop 38 Mission

To be your local meeting place.

Workshop 38 Vision

To provide the best environment to connect, innovate and

The Workshop 38 Promise

Our promise was simple … To provide the best workspace for hire
for meetings, workshops and seminars.