Creativity and sustainability finds a space at Workshop 38 - Workshop 38

Creativity and sustainability finds a space at Workshop 38

Rags to Rugs Workshop at Workshop 38

Rags to Rugs Workshop is one of the Perth creative event that we love holding at Workshop 38.

As you might be aware, our workspace loves working with local small businesses. Even more exciting when these Perth businesses deliver more positive benefits to our community. 

Established by Trish Flanagan, Rags to Rugs launched in 2015, with hand crocheted rag rugs out of recycled fabric.

The rugs that Trish creates are also one off pieces and washable, adding character to any part of the home. 

Trish’s Rag to Rugs concept has been received with so much love that she has been offering workshops so that others can too create their own piece of recycled rugs. 

We’ve been very lucky to have Trish at our workspace to run her sustainable and creative workshop and we’re looking forward to welcoming Trish and her workshop participants again on 29 August at Workshop 38. 

Before then, let’s have a chat to find out more about Trish and her art. 


Workshop 38: Thanks Trish for taking the time to chat to us today. Can you tell us more the idea behind Rags to Rugs? What made you start it, where did the idea come from? 

Trish: My Hobby started soon after I retired I quickly found I needed something to do. I was playing on Social Media as we do. I had been a knitter, I had been a doll maker, I had never crocheted. The item I kept going back to was a Rag Rug made from recycled linen. I had a crack at it pulled it out a hundred times. The rest is history I have created a very addictive fun loving business that I live sharing with others.

Rags to Rugs piece by Trish


Workshop 38: What’s involved in your workshops and what do you want your participants to get out of them?

Trish: My Workshops are very popular. I only take 6 participants this allows me to be more one on one. The class runs for 3 hours full on. You do not need to know how to crochet I will teach you that too. I provide everything required in a recycled crocheted gift bag made by @Tigerlillycreative – they are loved by all.  I mostly want all participants to go home with the skills to finish off their 60cm Rug and then to be able to start a new rug from the start.

Rags to rugs workshop recycled material
Example of a rug made at Rags to Rugs workshop


Workshop 38: How important is it to have the right space for conducting your workshop and what are you after in a workshop space? What equipment, furniture or requirements help to make your workshop a success? 

Trish: I like my Workshops to be professional. This requires a professional venue. I get exactly what I need from Workshop38. I have tried many venues but nothing has compared with this space. My needs within that space are simple. Room to work, compfit, and clean. I don’t even have to vacuum after we finish. As you know working with fabric can be messy. Thank you so much to the Team Workshop38 I love your venue. Thank you for creating it for us.


Workshop 38: What else is coming up for Rags to Rugs? Are there dates for future workshops or markets you will be at?

Trish:Well due to Covid_19 I am taking my business one step at a time. My next workshop will be an Oval shape Rug only for those that have done the Round Rug as they will be required to prep their own fabric. I have not set a date as yet but probably October all going well in WA. 

As I am so busy with Custom Orders I have decided I will not be going back to markets at this time that is also due to Covid_19. I am always online and available for any questions people need answered.

Rags to rugs workshop creation
Rags to Rugs Oval shape


Thanks Trish for taking the time to chat to us. We really appreciate you sharing your Rags to Rugs story.

To get in touch with Trish, head over to her Facebook or Instagram page.