Workshop 38 will close its door on 31 July 2021

Workshop 38 closes its door

We’ve got some important (and slightly sad news) to share with our Workshop 38 community …  After three years of hosting many meetings, seminars, workshops and events for local WA businesses, creatives, consultants and community groups, Workshop 38 will officially close its doors on Saturday 31 July 2021.  Our founder and owner, Fabrizio Bruno, wants […]

Flexible space for hire awaits at Workshop 38

Workshop 38 Flexible Space for Hire

Flexible space for hire has been defined by many real estate and services firms as spaces that businesses can use while avoiding a long term contract they may not be ready for.  We at Workshop 38 agree with that definition and love being able to practice the flexible space concept by providing a casual space […]

A creative space for hire in Perth

perth creative space for hire

With recent bookings from amazingly talented local photographers and creators, we started thinking about our Workshop 38 as a creative space for hire in Perth. We recently read a quote from a Creative Technologist, that read: “Space is the best tool to unleash your hidden creative power.” “To unleash the creative potential of your organisation, […]

Workshop 38: A Great Meeting Room for Hire in Perth

Meeting Room for hire Perth

Meetings are still one of the best ways for businesses to connect, engage, seal the deal on a project or sale and just create great rapport with their clients and customers and hence having a great meeting room for hire is an important ingredient. Choosing the right facility is one of the vital parts of […]

How to solve some remote working issues with a flexible, adaptable space.

Workshop 38 Remote Working Support

During these unprecedented times, we have seen a worldwide trend for remote working which typically involves working from home. Now, for some, this trend is a dream come true – the thoughts of no more hours of commuting, being able to wear whatever you want at the comfort of your own home, being able to […]

Rotary’s Jacaranda Festival Blooms at Applecross Village

Jacarandas in Applecross

Each year, on the last Saturday in November, the dedicated people at Applecross Rotary takes over Ardross Street (aka our Applecross Village) to deliver the Jacaranda Festival!

or those who have been in previous years, you will know that our strip of Adross St, on the doorsteps of Workshop 38, is closed to welcome hundreds if not, thousands of locals and visitors to the area.

Magic awaits on the doorstep of Workshop 38

Coffee in Applecross

Whether you need access to catering, coffee fixes, extra stationery supplies, a “I was so busy I forgot to buy” gift for your seminar presenter or last minute Panadol, to make your event a success at our place, it is all there, waiting, within walking distance.