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Forged over 40 years in the Applecross area, having attended local schools St Benedicts & Aquinas, Fabrizio is a successful small business entrepreneur with experience across many business sectors … Never one to back down from a challenge.

Fabrizio’s mission for Workshop 38 is to create a space where the locals can access it and its resources to meet their own needs, personal or professional, to assist in their own growth and development without having to invest heavily in permanent spaces they cannot afford.

Fabrizio’s vision is a community based project for the local community. His commitment to ‘Keep it local’ is from the heart. He never misses an opportunity to promote his fellow Applecross Village business owners and operators.

Fabrizio personally oversees every detail of every booking with Workshop 38. He will adapt the space to suit your needs and has never lost a customer based on price.

Our Mission … Your local meeting place.
Our Vision … To provide the best environment to connect, innovate & promote.