Creative Space for Hire in Perth - Workshop 38

A creative space for hire in Perth

Workshop 38’s space has been hosting holistic workshops, craft sessions and photographer meetings for Perth’s creatives - speakers, creators and photographers - and the quote got us thinking about the importance that space plays for igniting creativity.

With recent bookings from amazingly talented local photographers and creators, we started thinking about our Workshop 38 as a creative space for hire in Perth. We recently read a quote from a Creative Technologist, that read:

“Space is the best tool to unleash your hidden creative power.”

“To unleash the creative potential of your organisation, you don’t need to hire more creative people; rather, you must create more space for creativity.”

Around the same time we read this, Workshop 38’s space has been hosting holistic workshops, craft sessions and photographer meetings for Perth’s creatives and the quote got us thinking about the importance that space plays for igniting creativity. 

We’re excited that we’re able to provide an affordable and flexible workspace for Perth creatives for hire. One of our main values has always been about supporting local … and now, creative! Who wouldn’t be stoked about having more creativity in their work and life?

So we thought, let’s check with some Perth’s creatives about why space is an important element for creativity for themselves and also for their clients or participants. 



Rags to Rugs creative space for hire in Perth

Established by Trish Flanagan, Rags to Rugs launched in 2015 with hand-crocheted rag rugs out of recycled fabric. Trish’s beautiful and sustainable art has been so well received that she has organised workshops for anyone who also wants to get creative and create their own rag rugs.

“I like my Workshops to be professional. This requires a professional venue. I get exactly what I need from Workshop38. I have tried many venues but nothing has compared with this space. My needs within that space are simple. Room to work, compfit, and clean,” commented Trish. 

We’re happy we have been able to turn our flexible workspace into a crafting workshop and provide a professional event space for hire for Trish and her rag rugs creators.



Perth creative photographer at Wotkshop 38

Earlier this month, Perth wedding photographer, Erica Serena, used our workspace as her creative space for hire. 

Erica used our space to display the beautiful photography of an engaged couple she recently photographed for and invited them for an intimate meeting to go through the journey of choosing and reliving their special day.

Erica creatively turned our space into her photo-display gallery, using surfaces to showcase framed images and our ceiling-mounted projector for a slideshow that welcomed the couple as they entered Workshop 38. 

“I had my first client meeting this week at Workshop 38, and my clients and I absolutely loved it.”

“Although it has quite a corporate vibe, it is still very welcoming. My favourite part, having used other spaces before, is the ease of booking/calendar availability all done online, and electronic entry so there’s no need to worry about returning keys or forgetting to set the alarm etc. The projector is of great quality, and location is high end. I will definitely be using the space regularly until I have a more permanent office in the future.” 

Thank you Erica for choosing Workshop 38 for your creative workspace for hire. 



Perth creative photography workshop

Perth family photographer, Cathy Britton, is hosting her FIRST ever Sunflowers and Editing workshop at our Applecross venue for hire in January 2021. 

What an amazing way to start the New Year – with bright, happy sunflowers and then a creative editing session at our flexible workspace. 

Watch this “space” as we update how Cathy transforms our meeting space for hire for her beautiful sunflowers creative session. 


Need a creative workspace for hire in Perth?

If you’re a Perth creative or know of one who is after a flexible and affordable space for hire for your workshop, client meetings or to simply create, get in touch! We’d love to help.